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Wellmold rewards staff with 5 Toyotas on Jan 26, 2014.

Date2016-04-08:    Viewed:


Special Day! 12:20pm on Jan 26th 2016 was a particularly delightful and exciting moment!     

See! There are 5 new Toyotas standing in the factory. They are waiting for the excellent staff in the year 2013. In order to reward the excellent staff members that have served Wellmold for more than 8 years, Wellmold handed over the keys, insurance and relevant documents at this exact moment!  


We always advocate “to provide every excellent staff member a happier life”as one of our core values, and maintain our promise to lead the excellent staff which grow with our company towards a happy life. We hope more and more staff can enjoy the result of our company developments during the process of their work. We firmly believe that, along with the company's development, we can also get good results as long as we can work hand in hand with unremitting effort!


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