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DengWu IndustrialZone Tangbu Village, DaYaWan District West, Huizhou City,     GuangDong, China
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Wellmold is specialized in making export molds and injection parts company, Its products have been exported to the USA, France, the UK, etc. The company operation is based on a standard operation management system ISO/TS1949、ISO14001. We have a 24,000 square meter self-built factory, complete with internal facilities including KTV, basketball courts, badminton court, a leisure park, training center etc. Our location also boasts a convenient transportation network, and is close to Pingshan, Shenzhen and Danshui, Huizhou.

We are always committed to providing a broad development platform for all kinds of staff:

Position Title Position Number Departments AddTime Operation
PMC Injection Molding Division 2016-04-11 MORE
Foreign business executives 1 Market 2016-04-11 MORE
Foreign trade clerk 2 Market 2016-04-11 MORE
Foreign Operations Assistant Market 2016-04-11 MORE
Merchandiser Market 2016-04-11 MORE
Director of Marketing 1 Market 2016-04-11 MORE
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